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blinking_new NOI Charities Inc gives food to the poor at a recent event in Washington DC on March 22, 2014.


Ms. Jones, Director of Parkland Community Center of Southeast Washington DC and Minister M. Khalif of Muhammad’s Temple of Islam and Director of N.O.I. Charities Inc. on March 22, 2014 at the Grocery giveaway event.

FOI bringing in the groceries

Brother Siddiq giving away a bag of groceries to a member of the community.

The Nation of Islam Charities

In an effort to serve our community Muhammad’s Temple Number 4 – Mosque of Yeshua, Washington DC presents …. N.O.I. Charities. We are a non-profit organization based in the Baltimore area serving our Brothers and Sisters who are in need. We are offering the following:

Coat/Clothing Drive for the Poor & Needy

Soup Kitchen for the Homeless

For Women: Child/Infant CPR (non- certification classes)

For Men: Credit Repair & Criminal Record Expungement

For event time and locations or to make donations

Please call:
Muhammad’s Temple Number 4