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Baltimore, Md. – One of the great wonders of the works of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is his explaining of human nature. The Saviour taught him that “the human beings are strange; they go together in schools like fish”. He taught us the history of man and mankind. He taught us the laws of attraction and the true definition of justice. Whether we learned these lessons or not is another matter. I am always perplexed by Muslims who supported Barack Obama because they believe he was a symbol of a post-racial reality, yet revert to traditional color-consciousness when faced with oppression. For example the hypocrite Farrakhan stated that when he hears Obama ‘the Messiah is speaking’ and this week he said to Obama “who the hell do you think you are?” Evidently he thinks he’s the Messiah, at least that’s what he’s been told.

I think it’s time we as followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognize when something is or is not our fight. The fall of America has been and will continue to involve scandal and confusion and put us in positions where we will have to choose right and wrong between a devil on one hand and a demon on the other. When in reality the choice itself is false. When it pertains to American involvement in Libya, we know that America’s hands has blood under her fingernails and many cases still fresh on her hands but even a broken clock is right twice a day. America is the wickedest Nation that has ever existed but…that by default does not make Gaddafi right. Nor should those who claim friendship tours only speak to the pain of aristocracy in foreign lands when we as Muslims should have our hearts with the “poor righteous “among the people. We represent Freedom, Justice and Equality for all regardless of their persons. The Messenger said on Saviour’s Day 1967 that “we could be as black as an ace of spade” and that wouldn’t save you from Allah’s wrath. Children live in worlds of all black and white; reality exists in shades of gray.

Islam teaches that a tyrannical ruler is better than anarchy and lawlessness. Islam also teaches against oppression and that persecution is worse than slaughter. Try this, hold two thoughts in your head at the same time, Gaddaffi shouldn’t have fired upon unarmed protesters or use warplanes to shoot at civilians, and the USA of all nations has no credibility to intervene on moral grounds. Therefore as the Quran says, for every hypocrite Allah has given a devil as a companion. Gaddafi has never exemplified Islam in any fashion. Neither did Saddam Hussein for that matter. In fact in Libya if you criticized Gaddafi’s manifesto (the Green Book) you could be tortured and imprisoned. If you criticize the Quran there was no consequence at all. Gaddafi’s actions have earned his companion. In all our moral outrage who among us has called out in pain over the torture, and persecution of the Libyans at the hands of Gaddaffi. Have we once again fallen for the trap of only seeing evil when it comes in white skin? If so, we have over learned the lesson. The Savior said” [as it pertains to submarines] we didn’t make a submarine but since there are two down there we’ll have one wipe out the other”. I believe this applies to nations as well.

The state of these affairs and the dissatisfaction of the people in the old Islamic world is a sign of what’s to come here. Dissatisfaction brings about change. While America drops bombs on Libya there are 43 million people in this country on food stamps. Unemployment among our people is over 30% in some cities. Charity starts at home and then goes abroad. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us ‘don’t worry about Africa, Africa will take care of herself’. Let right and wrong be the guide not the professed faith or apparent color of the perpetrator or victim. Otherwise you could miss the Saviour when he returns. So yes a broken clock is right twice a day but a clock too fast or too slow is wrong all the time. Recognize the signs of the times and get to your local Temple at once!

Mahdi K. Muhammad
Minister, Temple #6
The Nation of Islam

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