FARD Canvass


When I consider the events that are taking place over the last couple of decades, I am reminded of the righteous of generations gone by who lamented that they would have taken the wages of a wayfarer (a poor person) to be alive in these days. Yet for our people blinded by the serpent for hundreds of years, such a perspective is not possible, because their hearts like in the days of slavery are tied to the well-being and safety of the “masta’s” house, and when he’ s in pain they say ‘ouch’. However, even during delivery when the child begins to cry the doctor doesn’t stop the process, on the contrary; the tears and the screams are hallmarks that the struggle is bearing fruit, that the process is working and that the baby is healthy. The only thing left to do is cut the cord. In the spiritual language of scripture we are told about a ‘virgin’ birth, involving the Godhead, the woman ‘Mary the Virgin’, and the resulting son Jesus. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the woman was the ‘blackman’ in America who was a ‘virgin’ nation because as the Qur’an says we never had a messenger sent to us before, the resulting son Jesus is the Messenger and the covert Holy Spirit is God Himself. I only mention this allegorical prophetic teaching to draw you an image. In the Holy City of Mecca, the center of the Muslim world is oftentimes considered the ‘House of God’, the ‘Kaaba’. It’s an open stadium like structure with a box shaped building in the center and the stone in one corner of it and is kissed by every pilgrim and it wears a black veil. Why would a building or the “House of God” wear a veil? The Messenger told us that he performed the pilgrimage and he kissed the stone, but he didn’t like kissing it because he said he wanted to tell them that it was him and his people they were symbolically praising here. The stone represented an awkward stone “that the builders rejected that has now become the chief stone of the corner.” You see what happens is Allah originally took ‘nothingness’ to produce something (creation), and though He is perfect in His person His product (creation) was flawed, so He produced versions of Himself (us) as a laboratory to manifests the defects in the physical world. That being said where do you think the finished product will manifest itself? Of course in the human family, but where does a new member of the family come, that’s right from the woman.

Consider the bible. The underlying theme of the bible is a struggle between perceptions and which one man will adopt. Odd as it might be the scriptures usually use the term ‘man’ or ‘mankind’ in a manner that woman is simply implied by it, but in Genesis and Revelation, woman is used to represent the fall and rise of man. Why? The bible is a historical account of the struggles that God has had over the past few thousand years in trying to offer His way to a people that are by nature adverse to the original way of Life. Every time He sent a warner to these people, that warner was killed – Jesus is no exception. In fact he was the rule. ‘Genesis’ means to be born, ‘Revelation’ means Apocalypse, the entire Bible is about the rise of artificial man that caused the demise of natural man. The artificial man that is represented by the snake in Genesis comes to fruition in Revelation as a dragon ‘a perfected snake’ i.e. evil brought to an apex. The natural man is represented by ‘a nude susceptible woman; eve’ in Genesis but by the time she reaches Revelation she is pregnant and in hiding to give birth to a new world order; through the first perfected man. The woman is used to represent nations that are about to be born, ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ is used when they already exist, but in order to take an idea and clothe it and give it life it has to go through woman. Now remember the curse placed on ‘the serpent’ and ‘the woman; eve’, she would give birth to a seed that would bruise his heel and the serpent would bruise her seed’s head. This means that they are natural enemies because in order for the serpent to rise the woman has to fall and vice versa. Now what does ‘Mary and Jesus’ , ‘Eve and the Serpent’, ‘the pregnant woman’ and the dragon and the Kaaba all have in common? They are all an image of the perpetual rise and fall of nations with a new twist; the nation that will rise in concordance with the fall of western society will be founded and governed by God Himself. You see the image of woman is first present in the first passage of Bible when it says and ‘darkness was on the face of the deep, and the earth was without form and void’. In the beginning the universe itself was a womb, to perpetuate the process God made a man with a womb (womb-man) to carry the progress of one generation to be manifested in the next, until perfection is reached.

The veil of the Kaaba is black and the stone is beneath the veil. Millions of pilgrims make rotations around the stone each year and each revolution they get closer and closer until eventually they are close enough to kiss the stone. The veil is black to symbolize God’s nature of creating something out of nothing. The Qur’an says that “Allah will perfect His light”’ the Bible says He will make “all things new” and this time perfect, but this time He won’t start with the nothingness of space He’s going to start with the nothingness of humanity. Just like millions of sperm are released into the womb but only one sperm can penetrate the egg, Allah only chooses one messenger at a time. Master Fard Muhammad came into America under a veil of secrecy during a time of spiritual darkness and penetrated the stone that the builders rejected, Elijah Poole, with His word. And the messenger became pregnant with a nation waiting to appear out of a spiritual nothingness. So He’s going to take a ‘‘nothing’’ people and make a new world order, but first the veil will be removed. Get to your local Temple at once!