The Common Error

Holy Quran 21 v96, “Even when Gog and Magog are let loose and they sally forth from every elevated place.”

“As we near the exhaustion of the Wisdom of this world which has not been able to shed enough light on our path in search for that Supreme Wisdom to keep us from stumbling and falling, we now seek the wisdom of Allah”. – The Hon. Elijah Muhammad

Baltimore, Md. The pictures of wholeness provided in scripture are true stories of pure happiness. Something that was once a part of self is separated and then re-united. Something that was once lost has become found. A woman loses a coin, and instead of being satisfied with the nine which she has, she sweeps diligently until she finds the coin. A prodigal son returns home to his father’s waiting arms and a celebration ensues. A shepherd boy finds a wayward sheep and brings him back to the flock carrying him on his shoulders and runs to his neighbors to ask them to join in his rejoicing. This picture is to inform the righteous that though they fill unloved, unwanted, despised and rejected, that they are indeed on the mind of God.

He is not only concerned but He heard our cries that went out by reason of our taskmasters. The woman doesn’t blame the coin for being lost nor does the shepherd blame the sheep. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us we are the only nation on Earth without a divine charge against us. Our state or condition was not chosen this lost sheep was stolen from the shepherd. But when the shepherd begins to search for the lost sheep he must first leave the others to find the lost one. Master Fard Muhammad told the Messenger, He was willing to destroy every nation on Earth and even give His own life to save us. So when we see the earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods striking the whole world, dark and white, Moslems or disbelievers, we know no nation is safe but the Nation of Islam.

There was a cold war fought between the USSR and the USA, the Gog and Magog of scripture. They called it a cold war because there were no hot bullets flying. The war took place on paper or rather in the minds of men. A macho paper war of “how many bombs do you have? Well I have more”. When President Reagan came to office he increased military spending so dramatically that the USSR was forced to keep pace. However, there was also a propaganda war that was waged. Remember all the popular culture movies that pitted the USA against the USSR, I.e. Rocky 4 or Firefox? Recall the excess of American culture that arose in the eighties with the advent of Miami Vice optics, Donald Trump Casinos, etc. These images were pumped into Satellite television in the USSR and all over the world and served a dual purpose of promoting the American lifestyle while denigrating the lifestyle of the USSR or communist regimes. A war between capitalism and communism, but a war without direct bloodshed. Gog and Magog were battling for the minds of men to determine who had the best concept to compete with the New World order of the New World Ruler, Master Fard Muhammad. Communism protects the poor and prevents homelessness but also chokes the human spirit of creativity and prevents the freedom of discourse and religion. While Capitalism promotes low desires and turns everything into a business model, even taking care of sick people becomes in exercise in greed. The major dirty secret of capitalism is that it doesn’t work without imbalance…you have to have poor people in order to have rich people. You have to have at least 4 to 5 percent unemployment or inflation will drown your economy. What kind of system needs unemployment built-in to function normally? The system you live in right now!

The Messenger gave us a picture of the “war of Armageddon” on the actual facts board, as a war that pitted America and Christianity against the Nation of Islam. In our lessons the Messenger doesn’t define communism or democracy but provides a definition for socialism. “Socialist means to advocate a society of men or groups of men for one common cause.”

These images of an American-led world made those actors and movies, agents of their world. Representatives and ambassadors promoting the interest of their world view. Where are the agents of the Nation of Islam? Where are we promoting the benefits of belief spiritually, physically and financially to the world? We have to show the world the power of this teaching through its success in our individual lives. If we do this well the walls will come tumbling down.

The Common Era is referred to as the time in which we now live I.e. 2011. However they admit now that they are off by several years and this has become the common error. But there is an even greater more common error among our people. We know scripturally that the wise of years past would have taken the wage of wayfarers to be alive today. Therefore this must be the best time to be alive. We know that America is the greatest Nation on Earth and the fiercest opponent that Allah God has ever destroyed. We know that the Quran is the greatest book that we have ever had in the since that it’s the only one we know of that would be protected and not be allowed to be tampered with because it is the last. Our Quran is the best. We know that the Angels we have today can stop the planets rotation, reverse it so that the sun rises in the west and we would never feel the planet move. We have the best Angels. We know that our Messenger is the greatest of all the Messengers because he is the only one that was taught face to face by God in person. We have the best Messenger. We know that Master Fard Muhammad is so wise that His system will have no end and His power has no limit. He will correct the flaw in the first creation that allowed us to make devil and remove it from us for all time. We have the best God.

If we live in the best time, living in the greatest country, taught by the best Messenger accompanied by the best Angels, and loved by the best God, wouldn’t we have to be the best people? The common error is that our people don’t know it. Tell them! Get to your local Temple at once!

Mahdi K. Muhammad
Minister, Temple #6
The Nation of Islam