The Question of Polygamy

Baltimore, Md. –The practice of polygamy has been used throughout history to address imbalances in gender populations following great wars or conflicts that decimated the numbers of men. Prior to Islam being revealed to the Arab, men had as many wives as they could afford, twenty or thirty women climbing over each other to get to their husband. The Qur’an came and corrected the excess by saying a man may take up to four but one is best. Now Muslim men, black men, born in America some following the teachings of Prophet Mohammed and some following their own teaching but none are following the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(because he didn’t teach that) are taking multiple wives. The sad part is that this was never prescribed with the intention of finding a way to appease the lust of the male, but as a way to assure the security of the widow and the orphans. It is the lack of righteous intent that makes this another wicked innovation of hypocrisy and another black eye on the words; Islam and Muslim.

Each Messenger sent by God is sent with a unique set of prescriptions to aid the fallen civilization back to health and warn them of the pending spiritual death. In this way each messenger is a doctor to his people prescribing spiritual medicine in the form of rules, culture and practices meant to elevate THAT people. What happens if we take a medicine meant for another?

As per a recent government survey” the number of death due to prescription errors is as high as 7000. In a majority of these cases the doctors prescribe wrong medication causing serious damage to the patients. It is negligence either on the part of the doctor or the pharmacist.”

As we approach the lunar month of Ramadan, I am reminded that the Qur’an says fasting is prescribed for you. Many things were prescribed for the Blackman in America but polygamy was not. The pre-Islamic Arab culture was voluminous polygamy and the prescription addressed it by reducing it. The pre-Islamic American culture (prior to HEM) was one wife and fornication and adultery. The prescription addressed the fornication and adultery and left intact the practice of one wife. Of all the hits we take as Muslims carrying the burden of old world Moslems and Arabs who fight their enemies in un-Islamic ways, refuse to let women drive, force them to wear veils or burkahs; polygamy is a self-imposed affliction upon us. And this (polygamy) among other things is being used to divide us from our women.

Throughout Europe and America Muslims are experiencing a backlash against Islam and Muslims in general. Minarets are being banned in European countries. The Hijab is banned in government buildings and the senate in Turkey (a Moslem nation), school girls in France can’t wear Hijabs in school, and the wearing of veils is becoming a criminal offence. There’s a spike in anti-Islamic rhetoric and the defenders of civil-liberties and religious freedoms are becoming increasingly quiet. Notice they went after the sisters first because they are the most easily identified as Muslim. When you hear of a calamity afar, know it is coming near. The Qur’an says persecution is worst than slaughter, and our sisters are carrying a heavier burden here than any eastern place.

Jesus is heard saying in the scripture to his followers ‘that you will be hated for my name sake’. We know of course no one hates Christians today because of Jesus, but the prophecy has been fulfilled in the lives being led by those following the real Jesus that was raised from the dead in America. However, Muslims all over the world carry the hurt and burden of a few who choose to violate our sense of decency and dignity by fighting oppression through suicide bombs and the like. The weight carried on the backs of those who call themselves Muslims is heavy enough just from being different. Just from being righteous in an unrighteous world is heavy enough. However, the sisters of Islam carry a heavier load that we have to acknowledge. The sisters of Islam are unable to be compliant with our standards of dress and decency without being readily identified as Muslim everywhere they go. While we can put on a long tie as opposed to a bowtie and forgo the NOI button and blend right in with the disbelievers, the sisters are carrying the heavy burden all the time.

The fall of the American social fabric that taught morality at home albeit a hypocritical morality that never addressed the wrongs done to us, but nevertheless there was a sense of shame taught prior to the 1970s. But when white women rose up to demand equality with men, as if something was happening at work that they were missing out on, the society fell in one swoop. There are no longer any parents home to watch over the children and in 70% of black homes there isn’t a man in sight. There was a man present the night the child was made but he hasn’t been seen since. Now the majority of graduate programs are populated by the female, college graduates majority female, PHD candidates are majority female, and the disparity among black males and females are greater still. The sister is carrying a heavy burden.

This backlash against Islam is being aimed at the Muslim sister with the objective being to separate the Muslim man from the Muslim woman, and separate the Muslim woman from the garments that protect her chastity and her righteousness by making her feel her modernity is at odds with her faith. Therefore, their logic goes, “the faith must change”. Their desire is to make weak Muslims weaker by making Islam a casual religion like what has been done to Judaism and Christianity. They want alcohol drinking, short skirt wearing, and foul-mouth talking, club-hopping Muslims in the mosques and Temples on Fridays and Sundays and at the club Saturday night hanging with the Christians.

In western culture it is acceptable to have more than one woman but not more than one wife. A wife denotes responsibility and rights. In this society they always talk about their rights but they never discuss their responsibilities.

Now our people full of lust seek every justification to hide their sins in the skins of righteousness. The Sunni community in America is using this as a dating system. Try a female out for a while and then divorce her and go to another. Or have three or four living in one house all living on public assistance. This is a shame but we should not add to the already hard job of the sisters by burdening her with a prescription given to another people in another context, in another millennium.

In the story of Samson, the enemies used his woman to find out the source of Samson’s strength. Samson replied in anger “You’ve plowed my heifer”. What did Samson mean? Samson was saying that you have done an unnatural thing you have used the woman to carry the burden of destroying the man. You don’t plow the heifer, you plow the bull. We have the opposite environment than the Arabs had when polygamy was prescribed because here monogamy is the rule. Our sister is the bread winner; she’s carrying our children alone because most of our men are absent. She saw us through slavery although we didn’t protect her from the slave master. We put her on the front lines during the civil rights marches and she took the dog bites, water hoses and bullets with us. We have rejected her blackness in favor of the she-devil. We only lust her now but complain about her difficult mouth as if she doesn’t have the right to be hurt or skeptical or vocal in pain. Through all of it, she’s still here asking to be loved in return. She’s waiting for her man to return to his rightful place. And when he returns if he says “one of you is not enough”, than he is a fool sister run from him, for he is not following the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And if you take someone else’s medicine it can kill you. More next time, Inshallah. Get to your local Temple at once.