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The Wisdom of “I don’t Know”

Mark 4:11-12 “Unto you is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables”

Holy Qur’an 5; 101 -102 “O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made known to you, may cause you trouble.” “Some people before you asked such questions and became disbelievers therein”

Eccl. 1:18 “For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increases in knowledge increases in sorrow”

Washington DC – There was a study conducted a few years ago that stated in order to become a master at anything requires a commitment of at least 10,000 hours of practice and study. W.D. Fard, whom we refer to as “Master’, did not teach The Honorable Elijah Muhammad with magic or through osmosis. He was the best student and therefore became the Master teacher, the Supreme Minister and the Messenger of God. Master Fard’s father found great books with great words and paid a high price for the wisdom to educate his son. Our Nephew studied for 42 years what he needed to teach us. That’s practically a year of study for every month that he was among us. There’s a saying in the east that a Muslim man without a sheikh (teacher) has a fool as his Imam. There is a laziness that permeates our community. Twenty years ago every time I would see a believer they would have a book in their hand, not so today.

The practice in the Nation of releasing your next lesson after proving to have mastered the preceding one can be found in the history of the great eastern scholars and how they taught their students. The HEM revealed that on one occasion he was scolded by the Saviour for asking to jump ahead in his studies and be taught about the sun. He wasn’t yet ready. The HEM stated that he never went into detail about how Master Fard was raised and what he said about that because we were a people that believed in spooks and spirits so he was slow in bringing us up to that level of understanding. We weren’t ready.

In the biblical parable of Balaam and the donkey, we have a scriptural picture being drawn with words that describes a brazen, ignorant, abusive rider on the back of a beast of burden that refuses to go in the direction that the rider desires. A donkey is considered a stubborn and dumb animal but after repeated abuse by Balaam, the donkey speaks with the voice of a man. The donkey refused to move it is revealed because there is an angel on the path with a sword drawn prepared to kill the rider and the donkey both. Had it not been for the pure heart of the donkey, they both would have been slain. The man that is the donkey is the unlettered Messenger, the HEM, sent to carry the weight of saving a people that do not wish to be saved. We, his people, are not tasked with identifying Master Fard Muhammad, God in person, on our own. In fact he was among us for over a year and none of us did, we called him Prophet. So therefore you can’t get to the God today unless you go through Muhammad. Your prayers won’t even be heard if you don’t mention his name. But there are some of us, internet, social media, and Wikipedia scholars, that didn’t get their lessons from a minister or teacher but from Google. Nature dictates that you won’t respect that which you didn’t earn. So you can have knowledge but lack wisdom. And you can be wise and lack understanding. And you can have understanding and lack character. The Holy Quran says bow down with those that bow down.

When we are young in Islam it can take days and weeks of prayer and study to acquire understanding and after decades of study there are some teachings that you can wrestle with for years. We call our faith a science. We call it a supreme wisdom and even refer to its innate logic as mathematics. Jacob tricked the people by asking them the whereabouts of the Creator. When we failed to produce him, Jacob (Yakub) used that unanswered question as a wedge in faith to create doubt. This is a new world of old tricks and they now take aim at the Saviour as they once did the Creator. This world is based on cynicism as the new science and has been created to rob the believers of their crowns.

We have self described archivists of the HEM’s teachings, tapes, photos, etc. And these possessions create a false sense of pride and accomplishment as if the possession of these things in and of itself equates to understanding. It doesn’t. What it often does is reduces your faith to only that which you can prove. We shouldn’t be ashamed to ask questions. And if you don’t have the humility to say that you ‘do not know’ than you will assume that you not having the answer means there is no answer. So the HEM says that in the last days we could lay down a believer and wake up a disbeliever and sometimes we’ll place our spiritual fall on the internet for the whole world to witness.

When a mathematician has difficulty solving a problem he does not stop believing that 1+1= 2. No! He believes in the science and therefore he knows there is an answer that he does not yet have. The beginning of wisdom lies in the humility of the words “I don’t know”. Seek out the answers! Find your Ministers! Get to your local Temple at once!

M. Khalif
Minister, Muhammad Temple of Islam
The Nation of Islam

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