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- Rev 10;7 – the mystery of God will be finished
- MTTB – “As we near the exhaustion of the wisdom of this world”
- Psalms 18:11 He made darkness his secret place
- Control – An individual used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment

Washington, D.C. – Of all the types of evidence presented in any matter, the best of these is empirical evidence. The dictionary defines empirical evidence as information that is acquired by observation or experimentation or information that justifies a belief in the truth or falsity of a claim. This is the greatest distinction between the teachings of other faiths and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Our beliefs are based on proofs more than faith. There is a crucial flaw in every major religion of the world that does not exist in Islam as taught by the Messenger. That flaw is the problem of evil and how and why it exists in a universe created by a beneficent God. The spook God that sees all, hears all and knows all and is all fore-knowing has a problem in proving his existence over a wicked world where good is currently weaker than evil and bad things constantly happen to good people. After all why would the Mystery God allow evil? They say because man has free will and that’s a gift to us, but that’s a lie if God doesn’t have free will how could it be anything but a curse to us, especially since in the hereafter or heaven we won’t have free will or be able to choose evil, why should it be in the first creation at all? They say that it’s present so that God could know who was worthy of His blessing or heaven, so He created this world as a test, but couldn’t the spook God just have made all of us worthy in the first place? This reality has forced the religious scholars of the world to create another dimension after death to rectify the wrongs seen in the world because there is so much injustice “how can God be God and let them get away with it?” You see if God made the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, then He’s also responsible for the snake and the apple. This contradiction creates mental gymnastics in the minds of Christians where they can praise an “All-powerful” God in one breath and curse a similarly powerful devil in the next. But the Quran says “corruption has appeared in the land because of what man’s hands have wrought”. And as for natural disasters Allah says in HQ 8; 24 “guard yourselves against affliction which may not smite those of you exclusively who are unjust”. So old world Moslems have a problem now as well, for how do we account for the perfection of ‘spook Allah’ with imperfect aim, who sometimes kills the innocent with the guilty. Old World Islamic scholars are consistent with their response as they teach that Allah created good and evil and can do as He pleases. But that isn’t true because Allah can’t lie, He can’t be unjust and He can’t violate His own nature. So the question remains… why? The flaw of their supposition is that a perfect God reigns over an imperfect world and the rational mind or objective scholar dismisses this as mere blind faith of religion without a basis in reality. For reality proves there is a God because of the intricate design and purpose found in the smallest aspects of creation, but yet imperfection is also present in the same creation.

The mendacity of other faiths have been made clear by the earth shattering teachings of Master Fard Muhammad through His servant the HEM. It was rather simple in its subtlety and staggering in its implications and contained the key to every question ever asked about self and God. Questions like “Why are we here? Where did we come from? Why is there suffering? And where are we going? In science there’s a process to reach an empirical truth, and if the method can be reproduced without fail a theory can become a law. The scientific method of experiment requires in every laboratory there be a “control”. A control is the part of the experiment that is untouched by the variables applied to the experiment. For example if I wanted to test how well plants grow with fertilizer as compared to without fertilizer the control group would be the plants without the fertilizer. In Arabic the word for a persecution, difficulty or trial is called a ‘fitna’. In HQ 2; 27, the Quran says that a fitna or persecution is worse than death, but it goes on to say that man was made to face difficulty but it also says Allah wishes ease for you. Hmm. The Bible says that after Abraham’s seed have served four hundred years as slaves they will come out having ‘great possessions’. In Christian tradition we are told that Jesus descended to hell before he ascended to heaven. He had to go down before he could go up. The first made man on the planet was the female and the scripture says that when God went to remove the female from the male he put the man to sleep first. So in making the devil from the original man, the original man had to be put mentally asleep to allow the weaker part of himself to rule him so that he could see if evil was the equal to good. The process of writing history every 25,000 years and destroying the libraries at year one forces us to exhaust our wisdom rather than rely on old wisdom thus pushing us toward our eventual perfection or conclusion. The devil we are told begins as Iblis a being that is made of fire. In the bible he is referred to as Lucifer which means ‘a light bearer’. The nature of the devil is to put heat on us, and once you add fire to black clay you’ll get a finished form. We were seeking perfection from the beginning. The earth is the laboratory that Allah used to conduct this experiment and the 25,000 year cycles were the method of exhaustion used to expel all wisdom hidden within us. The appearance of the physical devil in a time vacuum of the current cycle provided the last step of exhaustion. As Solomon says in Ecclesiastes ‘everything that could be done has been done and there is nothing new under the sun.’ The knowledge of God had to be kept a secret because in the past this knowledge had catastrophic consequences (see Moon), so Allah’s identity remained hidden from the public until now. Now there is a man on the scene today who is part fire and part clay. He is part potter and part pot. He is from the womb of mankind but from the seed of the original man. When we peek into his wisdom we were unable to find the limit, therefore we know we will never exceed his world order. He’s figured out what we did wrong in the first place that allowed evil into the first creation and He knows how to get it out so that we will never produce a devil again. He is the first perfected man! The teaching of the HEM that crushes the atheist and the religious alike is the truth that God learns! It’s through his growth that He can make us like Him, for He is the Control of the experiment that didn’t change until now. The other prophets were all children of lesser gods, never the God that was in the chief seat, until today. The Master left His throne, took off His holy robes and stepped into the hells of North America to find a nothingness people to begin His new creation. He is now introducing Himself to the world. All praises are due to Allah, who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. Get to know Him! Get to your local Temple at once!( Learn about the Perfect Day Campaign on November 30th at www.blackmuslimlife.com)