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The Hypocrisy of Louis Farrakhan 2001

The Widening Gap
Lessons in the lives of Aaron, Paul and Jesus and the hypocrisy of Louis Farrakhan

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the voice of Allah could be heard in the book of Psalms ch.94 v.16 “who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” He responded by saying “Here I am, take me.” Who today among you will stand up for Elijah? This year the Mujaddid focus is not the same, I am not addressing leaders. Farrakhan has been warned and so has his cohort and inspiration Jabril Muhammad. My only duty is to deliver the message, and that I have done, so therefore my work with them is done. They qualify for judgment, and Allah will visit them soon, but what about you? Judgment begins in the house of God, and accept it or leave it alone these final few years before his return must be used for reform because our so-called ‘houses of God’ wreak with the stench of foul leadership, corrupt teaching and worldly pursuits. And those of you who follow the Minister (God bless you) are the worst of these. Because in your mind you are in THE Nation of Islam, because Farrakhan is your leader, because you have the Messenger’s residence and headquarters and of course media recognition as such. Never mind the fact that Farrakhan has now completely renounced his teacher’s teachings, speaks of him fondly as passé, and says that he is the new Messenger of God to the whole world but particularly white folks because Allah has graduated him to a higher level of understanding. Never mind that the Nation of Islam is not signified by the brick and mortar of a headquarters or mosque or by the soil where a great man once stood. The trees of the forest have no knowledge of whether they reside in Maryland, Pennsylvania or even California for that matter. Borders are made on maps, but only exist in the minds of men. The Nation of Islam is not a place; it’s a nature, a way of life and a state of mind. If the teachings are corrupt, then no amount of recognition from Satan will make you what your actions dictate that you are not!

So if we are taught that the church is the body of Christ and he is the head of the church and we know that this reference is to us, then assuredly what becomes significant is not what you see or have externally but what is the spirit like inside. Is it corrupt or renewed? Are you overcoming the world or has the world overcome you? Is the word being given to the lost-found in its pristine purity or has it been modified to appease them and has consequently confused you? The contradictions that you use to find in the teachings of other faiths and would use as evidence of the fallacy of that belief, do you now by injecting the teachings with recent Farrakhanisms find the same in your own? When was the last time you heard your leader imploring the people to leave the church, synagogues and masjids to come and join on with God in person, Master Fard Muhammad? None of the answers to any of these questions are good for your salvation, but this teaching will be.

In Message to the Blackman the Messenger set a criteria for judgment. He stated that the nature of God requires of Him that He warn as a mercy before He destroys. Therefore, the Messenger stated that certain teaching requirements must be met, before Allah can judge that individual as believer or disbeliever.

“He Allah, declared that there can be no judgment until we (the so-called Negroes) hear Islam whether we accept it or not. This includes the history of the world and a knowledge of God and the devil.” –Message to the Blackman, pg. 18

The basis of what I have been inspired to write is simple; 1.) That the teachings that are being taught in Louis’s version of the Nation of Islam have been destroyed to the degree that they no longer meet the minimum requirements of qualifying a non-believer for judgment and 2.) That falling below this threshold marks ‘The end of grace’ that his mission signified. Now lets discuss the ramifications and the evidence of these positions.
My whole ministerial life I have been taught or had to teach others of the deviation in the Minister’s conduct or words. This dichotomy is very intriguing in the sense that to the Muslim world (Silis Muhammad to the ‘five percenters’) he’s been deviating ever so slightly and increasing in speed and frequency the further he gets away from 1975 ever since he stood up.

At the same time the more he’s been in the public eye, the more you’ll see focus placed on his so-called anti-Semitic or hateful words. However, no man can serve two masters. Let us remember what’s at the core of Brother Louis; he is at his core an entertainer. That is where the Messenger found him, on stage. After the Messenger died initially the Minister tried to stay true to the teachings, but to no avail. After all what inspired him to stand up in the first place was Bernard Cushmeer’s assertion that the Messenger was still alive, which is at its best mere conjecture. And as the bible says how can you get a clean thing from an unclean thing. It was evident when he came to national prominence during Jesse Jackson’s quest to be the democratic candidate for president, and he advised you all to register and vote in the same process whose demise he was to be foretelling. It was evident when Sam Donaldson asked him was he a devil according to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Louis asked him what was his definition of a devil. It was evident when he published a published book on U.S. public policy that he wanted to be a tool so white America could save herself – though the Qur’an says –do you seek to guide him whom Allah has left in error? It was evident when he told Mike Wallace that separation might not be necessary “maybe we can work this thing out” – although the Messenger stated that it is more important to teach separation between the races than it is to teach prayer (M.T.T.B. pg. 204). It was evident when he needed to go overseas and get the adulation of foreigners instead of seizing the momentum gained from the march to mobilize and set the agenda for black America. It was evident when he returned and bragged about how honored he had been treated overseas and of course criticized the media for not telling us about how honored he had been treated. Your leader is sick and he’s been sick long before the cancer manifested itself.

He’s sick with the need for public adulation and approval, just like Aaron. This problem of his has however crossed an important threshold that corresponded with the ‘appeal’ that Allah inspired me to send him last year. His teachings or his version of the teachings have fallen below the Messenger’s stated threshold to qualify a man for judgment, he is now an obstacle to our salvation not an asset. More importantly he is a trial for his followers to see whether they have learned the lessons of 1975. When the Messenger was taken from us the day before Master Fard Muhammad’s birthday to fulfill a trial for us that the Qur’an prophesied of – “Muhammad was but a Messenger, messengers indeed have passed away before him. So if he dies or is killed will you then turn back?” Our answer then was a resounding YES. We all turned back, save a few. Why? Well let’s recount. The powers that be, namely the Messenger’s family, said that the rightful heir was Wallace. Wallace has never been a true follower of his father and immediately began to dismantle his father’s work. That was the very basis for Farrakhan’s separation from Wallace according to his own account. So he began to rebuild his teacher’s work brick by brick and now he is dismantling it using the same rationale that Wallace used circa 1975-78. The clear message from Allah at that time was ‘he is just the Messenger but I’m the Lord, I do not change, whom do you worship?’ The message this time is basically the same ‘he is just the minister but I’m the Lord, I do not change, whom do you worship? How many times have you told yourself if you were back there then you would have never followed Wallace while he destroyed the Nation? Here’s your opportunity.

“Do they think they will be left alone saying we believe and not be tried?” – HQ

Allah made it simple enough he even united Farrakhan with the same hypocrite that destroyed the Nation the first time. Just like Aaron and Samiri were condemned together upon the return of Moses, so to will Louis and Wallace.

“Nay man is evidence against himself, though he put up excuses” – HQ Ch.75 v.14 & 15

I know what your thinking, the Messenger said the Nation would fall and then rise never to fall again. Well, I would argue that the Nation fell in 1975 and still hasn’t arisen again. The Messenger said that after him comes God himself and as I taught it last year the scriptures don’t have a recognizable reign or accomplishment under Aaron. The scriptures go from Moses directly to Joshua, and Joshua in Hebrew is Yeshua, which is the equivalent to the name Jesus. All of this points to the Nation being resurrected by God himself in person upon his return. What should we do in the meantime? We will discuss that at the end

“The relationship between the hypocrites and the believers is cut off. They are not allowed to go around the Muslims. Not even charity is accepted from hypocrites by the believers.” – H.E.M., M.T.T.B. Pg. 253

For those of you who are offended that I have referred to Wallace as a hypocrite, good. However, it is never my intention to insult, only inform, and I must inform you that the statement that Farrakhan is using to try and shield himself from the criticism he faces over uniting with hypocrites is absurd. His argument, “I dare you put a period to someone’s life with a label like hypocrite” [paraphrased]. My response is simply this, if you can’t place a period on the life of a deceiver than how do you praise a righteous person or leader who is still living if they still have the possibility to go astray. Truly you don’t have to say that the person can’t repent but until they do and demonstrably so, they can be judged by man for what they have done so far. There is a judicial system in Islam and it judges man for the actions of individuals and they are judged and sentenced by fellow Muslims. This system was set up by the Messenger himself. In short that argument makes about as much since as any other deviation of his. The Qur’an says that if a righteous man tells you something look deeply into it. So before you can even implement the Qur’an’s advice you have to judge a living man first as unrighteous. As always Allah provides the standard and man is to use it to measure, so to assert that you can’t judge a living man as a hypocrite is ridiculous, without merit and yes, hypocritical itself. As long as I live Wallace will forever be to me a hypocrite unless he renounces his own actions and bears witness that there is no God but Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, but then again he’s done that before.

This year at Saviors’ Day minister Farrakhan hosted the so-called orthodox community led by Wallace D. Mohammed He announced his newfound unity with Wallace and his intention to establish a new partnership with him. He removed the Messenger’s and the Savior’s pictures that have been on stage since recent memory during this day and in his opening ‘Bismillah’ he gave thanks to Allah for SENDING to us Master Fard Muhammad. He explained that this day was no longer meant to celebrate the birth of a savior as the Messenger had done but meant to give praise to all saviors. And as many of you will recall he changed the holiest of days from the praise of THE Savior to whom ALL praises are due, to Saviors’ Day. Which as many of you will recall from the Mujaddid warning of 1999 that I spoke of this as a sign of his belief that the Messenger is his Savior (who isn’t here anymore). Therefore, in your mind he raises his authority to infallibility not as the Minister of God’s last servant, but as a Messenger his self.
This wouldn’t be as significant except that he uses this as the basis to initiate a deviant message relying on his belief that his seeds have been sown well and you won’t leave him even if he leaves Allah. We will revisit his most blatant transgressions, some of which were mentioned before, and in much greater comparative analysis. However, most of the attention will be focused on his unity with Wallace, his corruption of the teachings in his recent study guide, the widening gap and most importantly where all of this can be found in scripture.

For those of you who haven’t read the Mujaddid debates with Jabril Muhammad (National assistant to Min. Farrakhan) and Jason Muhammad (of the Farrakhan factor website) please do so before going on. (www.joshuasappeal.com)

Now, what does the criteria for judgment have to do with this important threshold that I’m stating that the Minister has crossed. Actually it’s quite simple. The Messenger taught us that the time of extension would be 60 years not to exceed 70. If you count from 1930 the appearance of the Master, to the present that’s 70 years. It’s also 25 years since the departure of the Messenger or more appropriately put 23 years since he stood up on his own. Prophet Mohammed received the Qur’an for 23 years and then died of sickness, now I’m not suggesting that Louis is the fulfillment of Prophet Mohammed, not at all. However, because he believes this in his heart he’s fulfilling a self-fulfilling prophecy and his deviations or spiritual death, fall in accord with the prophet’s death at 23 years. He has like Peter been the highest profile disciple and yet when under pressure from the people and pushed into uncomfortable questions instead of standing fast he quickly denies his teacher. When Jesus was asleep the disciples couldn’t handle the rising tides of water that was rocking their boat and the rebuke of Jesus was severe when he said, “How is it that you have no faith”. Minister Farrakhan told you all that the Messenger told him “brother I don’t want you to be like Peter, I want you to be like Paul”. Well maybe that’s what Louis is doing, let’s see. What do we see in the life of Paul? Paul of course is the true author of Christianity in its present form. It was Paul who never met the Savior, just like Louis loves to tell us that the he “don’t know that man” referring to the Master Fard. Yet with claims that he had a vision on the road to Damascus of Jesus appearing to him personally, he made himself an apostle. This would correspond awfully well with Louis’ vision of the wheel where he claims to have received divine instructions from the Messenger without ever seeing him in the vision. Now at the advent of Paul’s ministry Christianity was only a sect within the body of Judaism. The apostles had set out to teach Jews of their belief that the messiah that they were expecting had already come. As we know they did this by injecting into the life of Jesus things that he never did in order to make it appear to Jews that he was the fulfillment of the prophecies from the prophets of old, by doing wonders in accord with what they had already done. Meanwhile, Paul wasn’t concerned with the Jews as much as he wanted to convert the gentile world. So he condemned the Law of Moses as a curse because he knew that it was unpopular and transformed the God of justice from the Old Testament into the punk god of the New Testament who loves his enemies and sends righteous men to die for the wicked. Paul invented the supposition of Jesus as spirit before and after incarnation, and continued to teach that those were the end of days long after Jesus realized he was in error and had died for his mistake. Although Jesus meant well, his efforts have been used by the devil to deceive generations of darker peoples of the planet and much to his own disgrace all of this was done in his name. Poor Jesus, his intentions were in the right place but even the very first slave ship to reach these shores bore the name of the self-proclaimed prophet who meant well but committed a major error.

Now although Louis’ followers protested profusely last year when I taught that he was the fulfillment of the prophecies and works relating to Aaron the brother of Moses, when responding to a question involving his authority to change the teachings, Minister Farrakhan had no problem making the same allusion to himself:

Farrakhan quoting the Qur’an in “Closing the Gap” said the following – “go both of you to Pharaoh, I will give you both a criteria and an authority”. This tells us that as Moses was given a certain criteria and an authority Aaron was also given the same’.

First of all let me address the quote on merit because indeed the Qur’an does say exactly that, however Aaron was given the same criteria and authority as Moses not a new one nor an independent one. Remember Allah did not choose Aaron, Moses did. Aaron never met Allah. So his only criteria was what Moses did before him. Farrakhan says that one of the last things the Messenger told him was ‘don’t change the teachings while I’m gone’. Has Farrakhan changed the Messenger’s teachings? The answer is a resounding YES! He has always done so in increments leaving the believers to defend his hypocrisy to steadfast Muslims. In the early 90’s (I believe 1993) when the Minister wanted to play his violin for Jewish folk, as soon as he was attacked he struck back with his speech ‘Has Farrakhan changed directions?’

“They (hypocrites) seek friendship with the enemies of Islam” – M.T.T.B. Pg. 253

His answer was no or rather ‘hell no’ he was just using strategy with the enemy. This year he raised the question himself “Have I changed?” and as the audience yelled back ‘no’ he said ‘yes’ and you should change too. He quoted scripture ‘a fool changes not a wise man changes often’. OK, that’s fine but does God change? Does his word change? No! I got scripture too, ‘For I am the Lord and I do not change’. I wonder if he asked Wallace whether or not he changed before he announced their unity. You know Wallace used to change a lot too. All of you elders know what I mean. He betrayed his father while he was still living, several times and always returned because of financial difficulties. Master Fard was sufficient so long as He paid the bills. However, as soon as his father was dead he destroyed his work little by degree and told the believers that the Messenger gave him permission to do so on his deathbed. Wallace stated that the Messenger’s teachings were not to be taken literally but allegorically. He stated that the Messenger had always intended to turn us over to the orthodox Moslem world. Of course the first thing he denounced was the reference to whites being devils, so he opened the doors to all races. Released the emphasis and quotas on the selling of the newspaper and piece by piece the Nation crumbled until there was nothing physically left. But it fell spiritually first, and it started with the corruption of the teachings. HOW MANY TIMES MUST THIS LESSON BE TAUGHT! These are the same words on the mouth of Farrakhan today.

This is what Samiri (Wallace) told Moses when he returned and found his nation corrupted; “I perceived what they perceived not, so I took a handful from the footprints of the Messenger then I cast it away, thus did my soul embellish it to me”. HQ Ch.20 v.96

Any of you out there who are protesting that what the minister is doing is not like what Wallace did think about this. If you considered Wallace’s actions – the fall of The Nation – and face it you have always referred to it as such then how can it now be progress or an elevation. You all have really fallen asleep to Louis’ personality, but his teachings make no sense and are in total contradiction with everything that you have been taught. And you know it but you continue to follow this man even if he leads you to hell. Why? Are you cowards? You don’t need a mosque, Nation, or minister to be a good Muslim. Remember what the Messenger said was the goal of his mission? To find at least one who believed 100% in everything he taught and his job would have been done. Ask yourself why is Louis asking the kind of questions that he is posing in this study guide #20. (Has the nation changed? How has its change affected you?) Its because he’s polling you to see not how strong your faith is in Allah or His Messenger but how much you believe in him. He staged a coup de tat and wants to insulate himself from an uprising from within. (He says when you first came into the Nation you didn’t like this or that teaching did you?)

The implication is don’t worry I’m going change it for you. Just like Paul. Farrakhan says he wants you to exchange the teachings of the Messenger for his teachings. You call me a liar? Read his own words and then compare them to a response the Messenger gave to a reporter’s question;

“Everyone whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, who claims belief in him, has to put their faith to an exchange”
– L. Farrakhan, study guide #20

Now a quote from the Messenger of Allah, Mr. Muhammad –

Question: you mean your successor will preside over a New Islam?

So what you’ll be left with won’t be Islam it will be Farrakhanism. Clarence 13X quoted Elijah but that wasn’t Islam, so does Imam Isa, and Royall X and none of these is Islam. Minister Farrakhan knows that no prophet is ever loved in his own country, so he has fallen prey to his own deceptive intelligence and rationalized a doctrine totally at odds with his teacher’s to get that love.

“When a hypocrite begins disbelieving, the light is taken from him, and he is not able to see that he is actually a disbeliever”. – M.T.T.B. Pg. 253

He has mistaken his lack of a spirit to walk his post in a Perfect manner with him receiving a new revelation. The only thing that’s changed is Louis’ willingness to pretend that he believes 100%. So he estimates that since Sis. Ava, Ministers Ishmael, Jabril, Akbar and Sis. Tynetta have been writing books and making speeches totally dedicated to him and his divine order, that you all are his and not Allah’s and he’s right. So now just like Paul’s letters became gospel, Louis wants his word to become gospel too. Oh yeah, he wants to be just like Paul.

Islamic tradition has a beautiful teaching that has been ingrained in me from childhood, it says that whether it be the size of a mustard seed and in the center of a rock and even if that rock is buried deep in the earth, before the last day Allah will bring it out. This is not new; this element has always been in the minister’s heart. I remember that the Messenger told Malcolm’s brothers that if a man disbelieves after believing then he did not believe in the first place. Minister Farrakhan is changing the elements of the teachings that he feels most uncomfortable representing in public. Did you ever notice that the minister would give a fiery speech in the mosque and then go on television and cut his words, use coy semantics to keep from saying the truth, but the Qur’an says ‘Speak straight talk’. Louis has been representing himself alone for a long time now.

His illness just brought it to its fruition. You should study the psychological effects that happen when a person is aware of or believes that he or she is dying? For people who are spiritual and experience great deals of pain they wonder have they offended God in some way. Many people will call friends, relatives and other nemesis’ trying to make peace with the world before they go. Brother Louis has exhibited all of these symptoms indeed, but make no mistake about it this was always in his heart.

Now what can we find in the prophecy of Aaron and the current state of the Messenger’s mission. Well first we see that Aaron started off pretty well when Moses first departed, he appeared to stay fast.

“And Aaron indeed had said to them before: O my people, you are only tried by it (it being Moses’ absence), and surely your Lord is the beneficent God, so follow me and obey my order” – HQ, Ch. 20 v.90

“And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken to Moses.” Exodus ch.4v.30

We can also see that Moses made it quite clear that Aaron was only to be a divine reminder.

“Send him with me as a helper to confirm me” – HQ, ch.28 v.34

“Now you (Moses) shall speak to him (Aaron) and put the words in his mouth” – Exodus Ch. 4

Also Allah and Yahweh made it quite clear that he wasn’t to be a prophet of God but a prophet to the prophet, and consequently an extension of grace for the lost-found.

“And I (Allah) have chosen thee (Moses) for Myself” – HQ, ch.20 v.41

“So he (Aaron) shall be your (Moses) spokesman to the people. And he himself shall be as a mouth for you, and you shall be to him as God” – Exodus, ch.4v.16

Here is where Aaron started to go astray. Both scriptures state that the time was prolonged and hearts hardened, the bible says that as Moses delayed in coming down off the mountain the people became restless and asked of Aaron to make for them a God of gold. Aaron’s flaw was that he allowed the clamoring of the people’s show of impatience to rattle his faith. This is so important but most scholars miss this, so read carefully. Aaron was the only ‘so-called prophet’ who was accused of deviation in the bible and the accusations of the bible were upheld by the Qur’an. First the bible;

“Now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain, the people gathered together to Aaron and said come and make us gods that would go before us, for as for this Moses the man who brought us out of Egypt we do not know what has become of him” – Exodus ch.32v.1
You see the people’s belief in God the ‘I AM’ was based solely on Moses and once he was gone so was their belief in the God of Moses. The last days are no different; your faith in Allah is only present when God’s man is present whether it be Muhammad or Farrakhan. Notice your leader wouldn’t stand up and rebuild Elijah’s work until he believed that Elijah was still alive. Whether He is alive or not that’s between He and Allah because my duty is the same and ALL my praises are for Allah and He alone.

But you’re rooted in Louis’ spirit of dependency on presence and the worship of the leader, Louis made Elijah a God and now his followers have returned the favor and are worshipping him as an infallible Messenger of Allah, this is rooted in your rise and will be the cause of your fall.
Both the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Moses had the responsibility to introduce the world to a new ruler whose first concern was claiming His people. The appearance of Joshua as he is the leader of the Nation at the time they cross over the river Jordan to inherit the promised land of their covenant, is the prophetical correlation of prophet Mohammed of Arabia, saying that although he is the last of prophets that the Messiah Jesus will return. And He did in the person of Master Fard Muhammad who wore the name Prophet Fard to fulfill this prophecy. Like Moses the Messenger saw that this ‘burning bush’ was more than just a prophet, this man was God himself. I mention this because some apologists for Louis have tried to interpret this as a graduation of the teachings. Allow me to defend that accusation. First, Farrakhan doesn’t have the mission of Master Fard that was placed on Him and in Him by His father, which as evidenced by his appearance, which had to be manufactured by making his mother a Caucasian. His mission was based on stealth. Master Fard had to come into America at a time when the immigration quota for black foreigners was zero. So the scripture spoke of his arrival as like unto a thief in the night. Light in the midst of darkness and darkness comprehended it not. If the devil had known who he was before he departed his appearance could have hastened judgment, but the Messenger made it clear that the God and the devil don’t rule and can’t be present at the same time. The Messenger had even taught a lecture about who Fard was while He was still here but was afterward told to wait until he was gone. Men grow and graduate, some degrade. God never changes, neither does His truth. Abraham taught what David taught, Noah taught what Jesus taught, Moses taught what Mohammed taught, and Muhammad teaches what they all taught. There is no contradiction between any of them. The difference between them and Muhammad is that he comes at the end to reveal all that was held back from the others, which eliminates the need or possibility for someone else to come after him. Which is why the Messenger said there is nothing more for anyone else to teach you of God that I have not taught you, “I will have no successor”.

So when you say the teaching has graduated to a higher level – “we thank him (H.E.M.) for getting us to this point, even as we go on to a higher level of understanding” – L. Farrakhan Saviours’ Day 2000, you are saying the same thing that the hypocrites who followed Aaron said. Although the ones who moved Aaron to deviate weren’t true followers and ultimately were destroyed for their hypocrisy. Today the pressure Louis is succumbing to isn’t from within the Nation but from outside of it. Many of you are worried that you’ll feel rudderless without Louis; remember those who were steadfast on the word of Moses, were those who laughed last. You see you very seldom if ever are taught the Qur’an, but in the Qur’an, there is a section called “The three classes of men” and a distinction is made between believers. There are those who disbelieve, those who believe and then there are those that are drawn closer to Allah. The Qur’an says in another place “those who fought after the victory aren’t equal to those who fought before the victory”. The bible says that we would come out of America with great possessions. The Messenger said that he was given a vision of what the F.O.I. uniform was to look like and he placed the universe on the heads of the men. What do all of these statements have to do with one another? Simple, you don’t choose Allah he chooses you which is why we are called the elect, but among the elect there is an elect group of Muslims who are closest to Allah. The Qur’an says that this group believes in the unseen. This isn’t spooky it just means that they believe in what they have been told but what has not yet come to pass but still they fight on as if the battle is promised to them because it is. We wear the universe on our heads because Allah said he will make us like himself and turn over the universe to us as our inheritance but every gift comes with it a price and every opportunity comes with it a trial. This is yours. Every prophet that Allah chose had to sacrifice what was most dear to him in order to prove that He loved Allah more. This is what is required of you now. Your Minister is to many of you, like a father and you love him for bringing you the good news of The Messenger’s gospel. But don’t equate your Islam with him. Noah and his son, Abraham and his Father, David and his son and Lot and his wife – the biggest trial is always in your family and the premise never changes.

So finally the Qur’an would say “do men think that they will be left alone saying ‘ we believe’ and not be tried?” This is your burden and the universe would be your reward and a great possession. Then again maybe you’ll tarry too long and won’t be of those closest to Allah or maybe you’ll believe every word that Louis says and they will find room for you here.

“The angels called into hell ‘are you filled up?’ and hell called back ‘are there anymore?” – HQ

Don’t feel uncomfortable about being in small numbers the Qur’an says that ‘success doesn’t depend on numbers’ which also means that large numbers don’t mean you’re successful. Neither large congregations nor large audiences equal success, however scripture says that every believing group of people were small in number. Remember the excuses that you use today for not coming out of this house before it falls is the same excuse that Christians use when staying in the church. They’re comfortable. Comfortable people don’t pass great trials and don’t receive great rewards. In order to inherit our ‘promised land’ we will have to use the standard of the Messenger as our objective yardstick by which to hold our leadership responsible – ‘if you disagree on something refer it to Allah and the Messenger – HQ. They don’t have a literary license or blank checks to change the part of the teachings that they can’t defend or don’t like. If you choose leadership today (and I suggest against it) then follow the Qur’an when it says to submit to those in authority among you unless it disagrees with your religion, then fear Allah and Allah alone should you fear. That is a great trial for those of us living today to simply do no harm to what is already perfect. There are no more messages or messengers to come and when you see Allah again he won’t be smiling or teaching. He will be accompanied by ‘havoc-making’ angels and removing these devils that Louis wants to reform.

“And he received the gold from their hands, and he fashioned it with an engraving tool, and made a molded calf. Then they said, this is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt” – Exodus ch.32v.4

Again the source or motivation for deviancy comes from the people to appease the people – ‘received the gold from their hands’. Notice also the tool used to make the calf was an engraving tool, which is a writing utensil. Secondly, the calf-worship doctrine was something that the ‘children of Israel’ learned while under the Egyptians. More importantly is that this wasn’t presented as a new doctrine because they presented the golden calf as the God of Moses. Just like with Jesus this deviation took place in the name of God. So the people are required to look beyond titles into the substance of the message and what is being changed. As it was in those days so is it also in the days of Muhammad. So the interpretation is elementary, Allah says in the Qur’an, that he taught man by the pen, and the devil says that he would attack God’s people in thy straight path. So Louis just like Aaron used his engraving tool, a pen, and fashioned ‘the children of Israel’ a golden calf and he didn’t say this is a new God he said this is the same truth that Elijah taught and therefore he called it by the same name and you don’t know which way to go. Look deeper and you’ll see that the calf of modern Christianity is the trinity belief and that of an exalted Christ. You’ll also see that those accounts have no value in Islam because they are inventions of interpolationists, we can’t therefore justify a teaching as the fulfillment of a prophecy that we teach was inserted and not revealed. Myth doesn’t get fulfilled it gets disproved. Louis has created a trinity and an exalted Christ in Islam but still refers to his teaching as Islam. He says that the white man can be reformed but this is still Islam. He says that blacks can be devils but that we shouldn’t call whites devils anymore but this is still Islam. My feelings are he hasn’t seen Islam since 1975 and wouldn’t recognize it today if it bit him on the backside.

You know the people who followed Aaron before Moses came back, they thought they were true believers but they were wrong, Moses condemned them of such when he returned. Those who followed Paul and those who believe in modern Christianity thought and think that they are right and they were and are wrong. Those who followed the self-proclaimed prophet Jesus Ibn Yusef of Palestine thought they were right and as we know today they were wrong.

All of these men meant well but how many millions of people have been led astray in their names and as a result of their good intentions. On judgment day no burden bearer will bear your burden but you. Judgment day for you is today. I know one of Louis’ new teachings is that since Islam means ‘submission’ he won’t call people to the faith, just to submit to God’s will because that is all that is required to see the hereafter. Let us not forget that the Qur’an says that there is some good in all religions BUT ‘this day have I chosen for you Islam as a religion’. The Messenger taught that you couldn’t see the hereafter if you don’t know the student enrollment – (theology of time). This teaching isn’t frivolous or unnecessary its required for success in this life and to see the next one. The foundation has been laid now let us begin the process of slaying Louis’ golden calf – Study Guide #20 ‘Closing the Gap’.

Louis had the audacity to name this written documentation of his demise, ‘Closing the Gap’. Which as he states is a result of his graduating to a higher level and you all remaining stagnant. I suggest to you that there is a widening gap in Louis’ version of the Nation, and it’s a gap between him and Allah. Furthermore, this little Saviours’ Day gift in honor of no particular savior, is a rationalization on his part to make you all feel guilty for any feelings of hypocrisy that may arise in your heart. The minister once told the F.O.I. to kill him if he deviates. Hmmm…

No, No, I don’t advocate killing any hypocrite because the Messenger taught us that you simply take them out of the chastisement of Allah. However, as I alluded to last year my belief is that he is already dead. Louis has on occasion spoken of himself as the fulfillment of prophecies relating to Prophet Mohammed. He renamed Bernard Cushmeer the man who inspired him to stand up, Jabril Muhammad. He renamed his wife Khadijah and I’m sure there are probably other references that he has made consciously that I’m not aware of. Since he desired to put his self in that box consider this. Mohammed (pbuh) received revelation for 23 years then died. 1977 the year Bro. Bernard inspired Louis to stand up – plus 23 years equals the year 2000. No, don’t kill him he’s already dead and it was suicide – but we still have to kill his calf.

1. Louis says that the Messenger told him not to use the term ‘devil’ when referring to the ‘whiteman’, rather use the term ‘Satan’, ‘the enemy’, or ‘the slavemaster’s children’

The first thing we notice here is that once again the minister wants you to take his word for a conversation that was private between he and the Messenger. He doesn’t give you the context of what was being discussed or what came after it and even has the audacity to tell you that HE NEVER ASKED THE MESSENGER WHAT HE MEANT, but this is what he thinks today.

“We must have a man today to teach us what he knows, not what he guesses. We are no longer going to rely on guesses and theories” – Elijah Muhammad, Theology of Time pg. 34

Why don’t you ask a white person if they think that there is a difference between being labeled a devil or being labeled Satan and they would tell you, no. Ask the dictionary is there a difference between devil and Satan and you won’t find one. (I looked) Notice that in the study guides, this one included, there is always a glossary of key words and their definitions. Well how come there are no definitions for devil, Satan or nature? All these words received a makeover in this study guide that no dictionary would support or the Messenger for that matter as well. Louis is trying to assert his own definition of these words, which is really a distinction without a difference.

“Satan’s evil is not confined to his self it affects others” – Elijah Muhammad

We will entertain this point some more because his blasphemy continues on this line. He goes on to say that Master Fard’s mother was ‘cleaned up’ to prepare her for giving birth to the godhead. From there he says that there were some whites that were not rounded up for expulsion from Mecca. So consequently they remained, married into the original family and here’s his catch:

1a. “So these are white people, or Caucasian people, who grew up under the influence of the NATURE OF ISLAM” – study guide #20 pg.7
His key word there is ‘nature’ because he wants you to think that there’s some magical way to reform devil’s that’s a secret among the gods, or that they are devils because they were taught to be devils by Jacob (Yakub), not by nature. The Qur’an says that for every hypocrite Allah makes a devil his companion. So Louis wants to redefine the definitions for ‘devil’ and for ‘nature’, because according to him they were only devils because they were taught to be devils. That is a deviation, the magnitude of which cannot be overstated. This is hypocrisy at the highest degree and is not the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Frankly I must make this clear that if you accept this as truth then you are not a follower of Mr. Muhammad’s but the follower of Louis; a Farrakhanite maybe, but definitely not a believer. The rebuttal is simple at best. Let’s begin with a quote from Master Fard and the Apostle.

“Why does Mohammed make the devil study from thirty-five to fifty years before he can call himself a Moslem son? Answer- ‘so he could CLEAN HIMSELF UP. A MOSLEM DOES NOT LOVE THE DEVIL REGARDLESS TO HOW LONG HE STUDIES” – Supreme Wisdom, Lesson #1, quest. #9 dialog between the Savior and the Apostle

Notice that the Messenger uses the same term to describe a white man who has studied for 35-50 years that he used to describe the process used on Master Fard Muhammad’s mother – ‘cleaned up’. Did that change the nature, NO! How do we know? After the man studies for 35-50 years the Messenger still refers to him as a devil. Those of you who think that the Qur’anic passage that says that ‘evil is a bad name after faith’ refers to white people and the term ‘devil’ are applying that verse incorrectly. You are a victim of selective quoting by the Minister, and that’s not even the entire verse but only one phrase. The entire verse says “call not one another by nicknames, for evil is a bad name after faith”. So if you were a street person before you became enlightened and your name was ‘Killa’, the Qur’an is saying that once your brother becomes a believer don’t refer to him as ‘Killa’ anymore i.e. he would become ‘Brother so–and-so X’. We were never taught to use the term devil as a derogatory nickname or lower it to the level of slang. It is my belief that if the conversation between the Messenger and Louis actually took place and the Messenger told him to stop using the term ‘devil’ it was to place more emphasis on the sin rather than the sinner. Our people were getting quite adept at blaming white people for things that were their fault but our responsibility to change. Remember Farrakhan offered this caveat at the end of that sentence; [not to call them devils] “at least in some aspects of Caucasian people and their work” – L. Farrakhan, study guide #20, pg.6

So the Messenger’s decree to Louis wasn’t an elimination of the term ‘devil’ just a de-emphasis. The Messenger was so wise and by definition of his post had to see many of these things coming in our future. Fortunately his words can serve as our guide and standard even today; “one main thing I learned that you don’t like about us is that you don’t like us for teaching that the white man is the devil. Now if you think that he is other than that, come and tell me and I most certainly will prove to you that he is nothing but a 100% devil. Not 95% or 98% or 99% he is 100% and then you can add a little. I say he is 105%” – Elijah Muhammad, Theology of Time, transcript (a.r.e.) pg. 546

So cleaning up a devil doesn’t change the nature of a white person, after all the devils here on the planet now aren’t operating under the tricknology taught to them by Jacob (Yakub). Remember when they were expelled from civilization they lost all knowledge of civilization and tricknology as well and became beasts. So there is the disconnect between what Jacob made and what he taught. So if he is a devil because of teachings than the responsibility would fall on Moses who taught them SOME of the tricknology that they had lost in the caves, then that would make Moses who was sent by Allah to raise the serpent, a devil-maker. Tricknology was taught to white people to give them keys to the kingdom or rulership over the world of black mankind. You can’t attribute their actions on teachings because if that was the case, what was the purpose of grafting? Jacob could have simply isolated some black people for some generations and made them devils. The Messenger even specifies that you can produce a devil in almost any species. He spoke of a devil dog or a devil cat, he taught us about grafted fruit like the grapefruit and grafted animals like the mule. We don’t refer to whites as devils because we’re trying to hurt their feelings, or pay them back for calling us ‘niggers’. We called them devils because Allah came in person, in their flesh lived among them, and then declared them as the fulfillment of what was written.

“30. Tell us what and how the devil is made? Answer – The devil is made from the original people by grafting; by separating the germs. In the black man there exists two germs; one a black germ and one a brown germ from the black man and grafted it into a white by destroying the black germ. After following this process for six hundred years, the germ became white, and weak and was no more original. Also by thinning the original blood, it became weak and wicked and it is no more the same. Thus, this is the way Yacob made the devil.

31. To make devil, what must you first do? Answer – To make devil, one must begin grafting from original.

32. What is a devil? Answer – A grafted man which is made weak and wicked, or any grafted live germ from original, is devil.

33. And can you reform devil? Answer – No. All the prophets have tried to reform him (devil) but were unable, so they have agreed that it cannot be done unless we graft him back to the original man which takes six hundred years. So instead of losing time grafting him back, they have decided to take him off the planet, who numbers only one to every eleven original people. ” – Supreme Wisdom, Lesson #2
His teachings were quite clear; the whiteman is the devil because of the limitations of his spiritual potential signified by his physical recessiveness or emptiness. He is void of the spirit of God so he has no good in him, though he can do good, he is not programmed or inclined naturally to do so as we are.

So he succumbs to the desires of the flesh very easily and because he can reason he makes his evil look fair seeming in the eyes of those of us born under the spirit of God, that’s Satan. That’s the nature of devil. The Messenger stated the following:

“This is a race of people to be destroyed and not to be given another chance at deceiving the people. There will be some of them that stick around maybe a thousand years, but they can’t go beyond a thousand years, EVEN IF THEY HAVE BELIEVED. Theology of Time, pg. 171

So brothers and sisters, the devil is not an evil person; the devil is the personification of evil. WAKE UP! Louis tells you that whites are no longer devils but by his new definition a black can be.

“Then I looked again at the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaching that whites can be our brothers and sisters in faith, though not by nature” – L. Farrakhan, study guide #20, pg.6

“Nay man is evidence against himself, though he put up excuses” – HQ 75: 14-15
He can’t even feign ignorance because he knows better and still deviates. Its sad but these questions are important to many of you, because in many of your minds you have to explain to yourself why you should no longer follow this man although its clear that he isn’t following anyone except his own desires. You’ll hold on to a straw if it’s there, because God forbid you’ll be without a leader. Although the last and greatest teacher that the world has ever known was in your midst working for over 40 years and left you so much wisdom in the form of books and tapes, that are so plentiful that new ones are still being collected by subject and published today. Yet with all of this knowledge at your fingertips, you spend hour upon hour studying the so-called study guides of Louis and actually quote him all day long to each other as the basis for a point or teaching. If Louis doesn’t repeat it then you wouldn’t know that the Messenger said it even though the same information that is available to him is available to you too. This is how come you go out in the streets and beat up on Christians and get your behind handed to you if you face a so-called orthodox Moslem, so-called five-percenter, or a follower of Imam Isa. Your afraid to read critical books on Elijah or Master Fard because you wouldn’t know how to defend yourself and God knows your so-called Minister hasn’t taught you. A gap? Got that right.

The gap is between the truth and what you are being taught now. To have the arrogance to suggest that he can advance the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad is tantamount to the highest degree of hypocrisy he possibly could have committed. You all haven’t even mastered the basics and he’s going to graduate something that’s already perfect. The Qur’an says:

“This day have I (Allah) perfected for you your religion and completed my favor to you and chosen for you, Islam as a religion” – HQ
Very simple mathematics here people. YOU CAN’T IMPROVE ON WHAT’S ALREADY PERFECT AND THIS TEACHING ACCORDING TO THE MESSENGER WAS PERFECTED ON JULY 4TH 1930. If you need to make sense out of this, its simple, this isn’t the fall of the Nation a second time it’s the fall of Louis a second time, the Nation hasn’t been raised again yet and when it is it won’t be in the same mold you expected. It will start first in your hearts; then he’ll take away pain, fear, grief, and sorrow. Then he’ll make your spiritual wealth manifest itself in physical terms that it will act as a canopy to protect you against the fall of America. And all of this will be done not for the glory of Elijah nor any minister, but for the glory and introduction to the world of a new ruler and new world order.

Remember Farrakhan never asked why but he’s going to offer you a conjecture, a feeling, his hunch.

The Messenger wasn’t ambiguous about any teaching of his; there was no wiggle room, no need for a higher explanation. Minister’s can draw you a clearer picture, they can apply a teaching to a particular circumstance or current event. They can use an analogy, or even use a different field of study to bear witness to the Messenger’s words. Minister’s can interpret scripture and even do it differently than the Messenger so long as the spirit isn’t lost of his interpretation and it bears witness to another one of his established teachings. How do you outgrow teachings that it took 42 years for God himself to collect? How do you outgrow teachings on the creation, the first atom, the first man, the godhead and how it works, twenty five thousand year cycles, the mother planes and her babies, the prophecies of Qur’an and bible, the angels, the judgment, hadith, sunna, tradition, Master Fard’s power, wisdom, duty, etc. You can’t and you won’t. Trust me I’ve been to Louis’ version of a mosque and you all haven’t even scratched the surface of the teachings. I’ve read the books and heard the tapes of some of his top laborers and they are replete with factual errors of advanced teachings. What’s passing for Islam in these so-called Mosques is so disgraceful I really empathize with you, but how could you let this happen a second time?
2. Farrakhan suggests that since the Messenger signed his correspondences ‘Elijah Muhammad to you all’, this means that at some point the message would have to go out to the entire world and would have to be changed to do so.

Once again, Allah makes him to bear witness against himself – Louis is trying to justify his concentration on the whole world and changing the teachings as coinciding with a graduating process. However, he makes the mistake of telling you that the Messenger had a home and mosque in Mexico and someone asked the Messenger what teaching will you give the ‘Mexicans’ and he replied THE SAME TEACHING I GAVE YOU”. Then why should you change the teaching if the rest of the world gets the same teaching that he gave us? Read the following quotes:

“I asked Allah about who “It” (The prophecy of Job) was talking about, us or the Jews or the Greeks. He said, “it’s talking about YOU ALL, Black Americans.” – Theology of Time pg. 252

“I am a fulfiller, therefore I have to go through with that which Prophets went through thousands of years ago in order to make it unnecessary for you to have another Prophet. I bring you face to face with God and the Devil. Therefore, you don’t need any more Prophets. – Theology of Time pgs. 44 & 45
Allah makes it quite clear from His own mouth to the ears of the Messenger that ‘you all’ means ‘blacks in America’. Hypocrites will take small words and attempt to perverse the teachings and tell you its allegory when it’s simply hypocrisy.

“He it is who has revealed the book to thee; some of its verses are decisive – they are the basis of the book – and others are allegorical. Then those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part of it, which is allegorical, seeking to mislead, and seeking to give it (their own) interpretation. ” – HQ Ch.3 v.6

Finally, to complete this teaching I’ll have to explain the Messenger’s comments about Farrakhan when he said “go where he says go, stay away from where he says stay away from, wherever you see him look at him, and whenever he speaks listen to him, and we thank Allah for this great helper”. First, let’s do some fundamentals. The reason why this quote is so important to many of you is that you believe that this statement is your insurance policy against having to think for yourself, but it’s not. Here’s how you know; would the Hon. Elijah Muhammad tell you to follow a hypocrite after him. No. So, therefore you think that this would by process of elimination, show that Louis can’t be one, wrong. Louis admits that he was a hypocrite in his own words during the “How strong is the foundation?” speech Saviours’ Day 1997. Also he tells you that the Messenger told him he would become a hypocrite; therefore the Messenger knew what the future held. As far as the hypocrisy that Louis admits to he’s referring to 1975-78, when he was blatantly deviant.

So if you assume that ‘go where he says go’ is a blanket decree then you’re saying that the Messenger ordered his people to become hypocrites and that’s blasphemy. Let’s color this with some historic perspective. A major cause of scholastic debate in orthodox Islamic circles involves who should be the rightful first Khalif after Prophet Mohammed should it be Abu Bakr the most learned or Ali the nearest relative. Why is this such a hotbed of serious debate? Due to some of the laudatory comments that Prophet Mohammed made about both. On one hand he told Ali that he was to himself as Aaron was to Moses and on the other hand days before his death he relinquished the post of leading the prayer to Abu Bakr and even followed his movements through prostration. This was seen as symbolically passing the torch. Here’s the key, are they contradictive? Is it contradictive for the Messenger to tell Louis that he would turn hypocrite and then tell you “go where he says go”? NO, although it would be if we took your interpretation. However, “go where he says go” wasn’t passing the torch, it was praise in that present moment for the Messenger’s spokesman who was far more visible than Elijah who was beginning to withdraw from the public, like the Master before him. I’m sure you still need more so I’ll oblige.
When the Messenger is asked “have you designated a successor for yourself? He said, “I DO NOT DO THAT. I CAN NOT DO THAT…”
So to say you’re following Louis because the Messenger told you to is a lie your putting on him. The United Nation of Islam under the leadership of their God in person Solomon Muhammad has an adviser by the name of Mr. Abass Rasoull, former National Secretary of the N.O.I. He tells his followers all the time that his authority comes from the Messenger because at Saviour’s Day 1973 (I believe) the Messenger spoke for a few minutes then turned the microphone over to Mr. Rasoull in these words “he will tell you what must be done after the coming of God”. Those harmless words that the Messenger used for that moment are used to deceive many, is that the company you keep?
Therefore the next question that should come to your mind is what did the Messenger intend for us to do? He was a foretelling and foreseeing man he had to leave us guidance for the times.

Question: How will your resources be administered? (After your death)
Messenger: That will be carried on by the nation. After setting up the Nation on the right path, to take care of themselves, they do not need anymore instruction on that. They will follow it as the constitution of America has been followed.

Question: Will it be run by local mosques?
Messenger: NO, NO, NO. After this, the whole nation of black people will be governed divinely and the government will be a divine government and not something that is governed locally, LIKE WE HAVE TODAY. We will have a divine government set up for us and it will stand forever.
He was very clear, he said ‘the nation would fall and then rise again never to fall again’. He said he didn’t have the authority to choose a successor and said there would be no successor. He said the next Nation after he’s gone would be one governed by God himself. He said after me comes God himself. Then Louis said the following in his study guide, once again bearing witness against himself.
He was justifying placing a sister as the regional minister of part of the country when he said that once upon a time we didn’t have mosques or temples because the religion of Allah was practiced freely. And that the woman had previously been held back from the public for her safety, etc. Now his move signified a change in the way Islam should be practiced in the public but because of Louis’ knack for mixing truth with falsehood he is only part right.

First his quote;
“We did not have churches. We did not have mosques, tabernacles or cloisters, because the Way of Allah (God) was practiced freely” – study guide #20
This is the way of life that we should return to today. The need for houses of worship has indeed passed. The Messenger said the day would come when we all will be messengers to the rest of the world. Mohammed said that the best among you is he who knows the Qur’an and teaches it to others. So, each one teach one. The only God is Master Fard Muhammad and the only Messenger is the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The greatest among you is he who is most learned and the best example for the righteous. Do not let your leaders choose you; you choose your own leader (minister). When disputes arise, out of jealousy and envy, and they will, there is one surefire solution we have used since the beginning of time, its called separation.
The Mujaddid community’s role will be that of the ‘ulama’ (orthodox scholars) to the Imams, simply to guide and refer to. We hold ministerial academies to aspiring Ministers and fishers of our people and we will validate the authenticity of any study group or teacher who wants to be listed in our National Directory. I should make this clear we are not asking for permission to do this but we will do this for any group who proclaims to be a mosque or temple in The Nation of Islam. Our primary goal is to defend the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and protect the grace given to his people by our Savior.

So if you’re using his name in public and inviting the people under his banner, we will come calling. As for charity, (zakat) it is important to return to true missionary roles in our local communities; feeding the homeless, outreach ministry, visiting the sick and elderly, etc. As for economics I think it is quite clear that Louis’ wasn’t chosen to be National Spokesman for his business acumen. Just about every business is closed, or has a lien against it, and according to the National Laborers, Louis’ nation is about five million dollars in debt. I won’t list the entire economic position here, for fear it would distract from the purpose of this proposal.

So when you are asked where is your mosque or temple tell them they’re looking at it. When they ask you who is your minister, tell them that you ad-minister to your own temple and you can show them how to do the same for themselves. My beloved family these are the last days and teaching today has almost become moot, because most prophecies are now self-evident. However, in the matters of teaching those who have never heard the truth before, please make sure that if you are not skilled in the area of ministry to take them to the head of your study group or a proven pristine truth teacher. In any event always defer in matters of uncertainty, never rely on conjecture or guesses to answer questions. It isn’t hard to see that this time has come. Remember the Messenger said that we all will become messengers to the rest of the world and that the Qur’an teaches us that on judgment day “no burden bearer will bear the burden of another”. So regardless of whom you claim is your leader today Allah won’t take excuses from them on your behalf, nor from you on theirs. I once heard the minister say that even a devil (traditional definition) would do good all day long if you held a gun to his head. Well, just like Job the hedge has been removed from around you, the end of grace is here, will you remain faithful TO ALLAH? Will you be righteous for your righteous sake? Or were you in the Nation because you thought it was a club or organization? Were you just righteous to be seen by men and captains and lieutenants? The days of babysitting the elect are over.

Will you worship Allah and Allah alone or will you still seek guidance from others than Allah and his Messenger? If there is any thing we can do to answer any of your questions or help you with the forming of study groups, please feel free to contact us.
“We haven’t changed Islam, we go into more knowledge of it, but we don’t change it” – The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
My work here is done, you qualify for judgment, Allah will visit you soon. May He be merciful and just.

Your brother, (but) Allah’s servant
Brother Minister Mahdi Khalif Muhammad
Chief scholar of the Mujaddid Community of The Nation of Islam